What Sets Us Apart: Who Bigelow Helps

We have helped all kinds of people in all kinds of financial situations prepare for the future or plan for a particular situation. Here are some examples of our clients and how we’ve helped them.  If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we are the team for you!

Example I: “I am worried about retirement savings.”

We recently met with the Smiths to create their financial plan. They were considering retiring in the next few years, but were very worried about whether they had enough assets to be comfortable and not run out of money. After meeting with our team and reviewing their spending needs and understanding all their resources, we were able to identify that they could retire as soon as the following year. By working closely together with Bigelow, the couple was able to be sure their assets were working hard and their retirement goals could be accomplished. We were able to reduce their stress.

Example II: “College and retirement savings, how do I do both?”

The Browns and many others families face the challenge of deciding how much to save for their children’s college costs and how to keep their retirement savings plans on track. There are countless different scenarios that can be created with financial planning software, and of course, the portfolios must be aligned with various different timelines. But the first discussion needs to be around the philosophy behind the plans. The Browns need to decide how much help they are willing and able to provide for college education. With some options costing more than $200,000 per child, it can be out of reach for some. The same discussion has to take place about retirement living expenses. Are we going to maintain two homes? Do we want to travel extensively? Bigelow is there to facilitate these discussions and present the financial implications.

Example III: “I am on my own now.”

We met with a potential new client who knew she would be on her own soon. For many years, she had not been very involved with the financial aspects of her life. The need was obvious. She was looking for someone to trust, someone who would put her interests first. There were “friends” that wanted to sell her products, but she needed to start at the beginning with a budget and some organization. After learning about Bigelow’s structure and philosophy, she knew this was the right place. We worked closely with her other professional consultants and organized a financial foundation that supported a budget that would work for her and her family.

Example IV: “I just received my inheritance. What now?”

A couple in their late 30s had recently been given a substantial inheritance. They were interested in organizing their financial affairs and wanted help from a professional. As we worked with the couple, we found that the majority of their inheritance was concentrated in one company’s stock. We explained the risk this created for them and recommended a multi-year plan to diversify their assets that took the tax implications into consideration. Together we were able to reduce the risk and formulate a greater plan to accomplish their goals.