Individual Services: Trust Management

Management of Trust Assets

A Trustee may appoint an investment advisor to assume responsibility for the management of a trust portfolio. Our team of dedicated professionals will partner with a Trustee to meet the complex investment, tax and estate planning needs of the beneficiaries.


  • What benefits does the Trustee gain from utilizing the expertise of a professional investment advisor?
  • What opportunities and challenges are associated with managing investments for multiple generations?
  • Can the investment manager develop a long-term investment strategy to help the Trustee meet the goals of the trust while providing the maximum economic benefit to the current and remainder beneficiaries?
  • Does the investment advisor have the capability to produce the necessary principal and income trust accounting reports?


  • Allows Trustee to focus their expertise on the day-to-day administration of the trust.
  • Trustee receives substantive information from an experienced multi-disciplined team of wealth advisors.
  • Access to financial planning education for the next generation of trust beneficiaries.
  • Detailed trust and tax reporting options.