We recognize and appreciate that your financial situation is unique to you. That is why Bigelow creates portfolios custom tailored to each of our clients' objectives. A customized portfolio will help you to gain some control over your portfolio's asset allocation, internal investment cost, tax efficiency, and interest rate risk.

How are we able to do this? By maintaining a very low client-to-advisor ratio and focusing on building a quality relationship with each client.

A well-managed investment portfolio is a key element in supporting your overall financial plan and personal financial goals.



Bigelow offers discretionary investment management to your specific investment objectives.

We emphasize the importance of asset allocation and proper diversification in your portfolio, and begin our relationship by mutually agreeing on the investment objective for your portfolio.

From there, we handle the details and daily decisions in managing your investments, providing reporting and communication with you on a regular basis.


Step 1

We begin by discussing your goals, preferences, and tolerance for risk. This allows us to understand what you are trying to accomplish with your investments.

Step 2

We mutually agree on your overall investment objective. This will determine how your portfolio is allocated across various asset classes, such as stocks and bonds.


Step 3

We construct your portfolio. Bigelow commonly uses stocks, bonds, ETF’s (exchange traded funds) and mutual funds to create a diversified portfolio.

Step 4

We regularly review and update your portfolio. Your investment strategy can evolve over time as your goals and preferences change.


As noted in the above investment process, each Bigelow client has a primary objective for their account. This allows you and Bigelow to have a mutual understanding of how the overall portfolio will be managed. Several studies have indicated that the asset allocation of a portfolio will be the most significant factor in how the account performs.



We maintain a low client-to-advsor ratio by design, so that we can build quality relationships with our clients. More time for each client means more attention to your personal investment portfolio.


You will receive relevant and timely communication from Bigelow. Detailed quarterly reports will supplement your monthly account statements. We regularly publish our thoughts on current financial topics.


Our Positive Impact portfolios can be integrated to your portfolio management. This gives you an opportunity to include Environmental, Social, and Governance analysis into your overall investment strategy.


Our financial planning services are included in your investment management relationship. We believe that you are best served when we consider both at the same time.


Two of Bigelow's Senior Advisors hold the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, one of the most respected achievements for those who manage investment portfolios. The CFA institute's mission is to lead the investment profession globally by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society.


Bigelow partners with Charles Schwab to serve as custodian for your investment accounts. You are able to access your account from Schwab's website at any time, having confidence that your assets are secure. An investment advisory agreement with Bigelow provides authorization for Bigelow to manage those accounts for you on a discretionary basis, per your objectives.


Bigelow Investment Management Fee Schedule:

1% per year on the first $1,000,000 of assets managed
0.60% per year on the next $1,000,000 of assets managed
0.50% per year on the next $3,000,000 of assets managed
0.40% per year on any additional assets managed

$500 minimum quarterly fee

$300,000 minimum investment relationship, which may be waived for those in the accumulation phase