Financial Planning is the process that matches your financial goals to the resources that you have available. We believe it is the engine that helps you make the most of the important financial decisions in your life, as one decision ultimately has an impact on all of the other facets of your financial picture.



Bigelow Investment Management Clients:

All clients that have an Investment Management relationship with Bigelow receive the full six-step planning process as an added service at no additional cost. We believe that investing and planning should be considered simultaneously to have the best outcome. Your plan will be updated regularly.

Stand-Alone Financial Planning Services:

Our financial planning services are available as a stand-alone service without an Investment Management relationship. We will work with you to define the scope of your engagement and discuss the specific service that will be offered. You can typically expect:

  • Initial plan creation
  • Updates and revisions to the plan annually and as needed
  • Access to your planner throughout the year as needed
  • Regular communication from Bigelow regarding relevant financial planning topics


  • Step 1:

    Understanding the Client’s Personal and Financial Circumstances

  • Step 2:

    Establishing Financial Goals and Gathering Data

  • Step 3:

    Review of Your Current Financial Status and Potential Alternative Courses of Action

  • Step 4:

    Developing Financial Planning Recommendations

  • Step 5:

    Presenting the Financial Planning Recommendations

  • Step 6:

    Implementing The Recommendations

  • Step 7:

    Monitoring and Updating Your Plan


With two CFP® practitioners on staff, Bigelow offers a high-quality planning experience for our clients. Bigelow's CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals adhere to the industry standard CFP Board's seven-step planning process to ensure that your planning process is thorough and smooth.

Bigelow's CFP® practitioners have met the CFP Board's rigorous qualifying requirements in the areas of experience, education, ethics, and examination.


The Retirement Transition

We specialize in helping clients navigate the transition to and through retirement. Common details include Social Security filing strategies, estimation of health care costs, proper asset allocation, and implementing a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy to provide income.

Mid-Career Professionals

We specialize in working with mid-career professionals and the complexities that they deal with every day. Common topics include savings strategies, education planning, investment planning, debt management, proper use of insurance, and employee benefits elections.



The planning process can bring a new level of comfort to your financial situation, helping to reduce the stress that comes with uncertainty.


What is your time worth? Bigelow will spend a substantial amount of time in helping you craft your financial plan, putting valuable time back in your schedule.


It’s common to uncover ways to help you save money. Double checking your interest rates and insurance costs, capturing grant money, and increasing tax efficiency all add up to money back in your pocket.


Decluttering your financial situation feels great. The planning process helps you get organized and stay organized.



Bigelow's financial planning process is supported by industry-leading technology. MoneyGuidePro software powers our financial analysis and reporting, making the complexities of your financial situation much easier to see and understand. You will have a clear understanding of your financial situation and what alternatives are available to you to implement.

Financial Plan Report Document

Your plan document is a report that helps you visualize how well you're tracking to achieve your goals. The report includes standard reporting sections, such as your balance sheet, financial goal summary, anticipated cash flow schedules and investment allocations. It will also include sections that are unique and customized to your situation. Ideally, the report provides you with just the right amount of detail to allow you to understand and implement your planning recommendations without being overwhelmed with too much information that doesn't have important value to you.


Bigelow Investment Management Clients:

No additional cost. The services are included in your Investment Management package.

Stand-Alone Financial Planning Services:

$165/mo subscription service. Payment to begin after any complementary initial consultations to determine if Bigelow is the right fit for you, typically at the time our agreement is signed by you.

Minimum $1,980 payment for financial planning services, even in the event that services are terminated within the first 12 months.