Business Services: 401(k)s

Business Services - 401Ks

Investment Process
Bigelow Investment Advisors is a completely independent fiduciary with experienced principals who have been advising retirement plans for 25 years. Bigelow Advisors does not sell or benefit from any of the assets or funds held in your 401(k) plan. Therefore, the investment advice provided by Bigelow is advice which is solely in the best interest of your Plan and all of its Participants. We recommend funds from any of the best companies available including: Vanguard, Pimco, Fidelity, Templeton, American, Harbor, Blackrock and many others.

Current Investment Choice Review
First, we review the current plan investment choices to evaluate how they are working for the Participants. All choices will be evaluated for return and risk results. Next, we determine whether or not the Plan’s assets conform to the Plan’s Investment Policy Statement. Our team will work with you to create an Investment Policy Statement if one does not exist or amend it with your approval if any changes are needed.

There is no one set of options that works for every plan. Each plan and employee group is unique. There are parameters to work within to ensure that you have a diversified set of options covering the spectrum of investment risks and returns. Existing funds will be considered for continued use as well as additional funds to replace or supplement the current menu.

Managed Asset Allocation Options
We will create three options that will give your participants the choice of putting all or some of their funds in a managed portfolio. The allocations are usually labeled Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive. These options are created from the funds that are available in the Plan and are managed by Bigelow. These Options are continuously monitored and reallocated as needed. The Options provide the Participants with the comfort of having a professionally managed well diversified portfolio. As the Participant’s situation changes, they can move from one option to the other with minimal effort. These Options often take the place of target funds which do not have the advantage of utilizing multiple fund families.

Participant Communications
Initially we like to meet with your employees to explain the plan, discuss their new choices, and answer any questions. We usually do this in small group meetings with follow-up individual appointments for those who want more one on one advice. Your Participants will have direct email and phone access to an advisor at Bigelow. This gives everyone the opportunity to work with an advisor one on one. Two to four times per year we like to set up meetings to review employee investments and answer any questions about the Plan.

Employer/Administrator Communications
Periodically, (at least once per year) we will meet with the Administrator of the Plan to review investment performance and consider any changes to the choices in the Plan. Together we will review the Investment Policy Statement and make any modifications needed. This meeting will be part of the compliance process to assist the Administrator in performing their fiduciary duties.