Bigelow Investment Advisors, LLC is an investment management and financial planning firm headquartered in Portland, Maine.

We strive to be the most trusted advisor to our clients and their families. Bigelow nurtures each client’s unique goals and values, creating long-term relationships with our clients.



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Find an advisor that you trust. Work with someone that understands your hopes and your worries.

-Gary Robinson, Co-Founder





Custom Portfolios  |  Proper Diversification  |  Fiduciary Care

Our investment process begins with an understanding of your specific needs, financial goals, and personal preferences. As a fiduciary, we construct your portfolio tailored to your needs.

-P. Benjamin Flood, CFP®


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Every person has a unique combination of financial goals, assets to meet those goals, and tolerance for risk. We recognize that uniqueness and build that into everything we do.

-Kathryn Dion, Co-Founder






Comprehensive Goals-Based Planning  |  CFP® Professionals |  Leading Technology

Whether you are transitioning a business, sending kids to college, concerned about how to protect your assets, or planning for retirement, a comprehensive goals-based financial plan will help you find the financial freedom you are looking for. We always put your interests first when building your financial plan by taking the time to get to know you. You can be confident that a Bigelow professional has the knowledge and skills to help construct your holistic financial roadmap.

-Racquel Tibbetts, PhD., CPA, CFP®


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