Bigelow Investment Advisors, LLC is an investment management and financial planning firm headquartered in Portland, Maine.

We are the most trusted advisor to our clients and their families. We partner with them to clarify and achieve their long term financial goals, creating positive change in their lives and those they support. Bigelow builds long-term client relationships with high quality, inspired service. We nurture each client's unique goals and values, taking pride in our low client-to-advisor ratio.

Why? We know that helping our clients achieve their financial goals is one of the most significant ways that we can impact their lives. We are great at partnering with clients to organize their goals and then take the right steps toward achieving those goals together.

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Find an advisor that you trust. Work with someone that understands your hopes and your worries.

-Gary Robinson, CEO





Investment Management

Customized portfolios unique to your objectives and preferences. Properly diversified, professionally managed. We are proud of our low client-to-advisor ratio, which ensures that you always have our attention. As a fiduciary, we put your interests first.

Financial Planning

Financial planning services are included with our investment management service, or also available as a stand-alone service. Goals-based planning to focus on the things that matter most to you, supported by CFP® professionals and world class technology.

Positive Impact

Our Positive Impact strategies allow you to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) analysis into your portfolio.  These strategies incorporate traditional investment analysis while providing exposure to leaders in ESG practices and companies addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



Every person has a unique combination of financial goals, assets to meet those goals, and tolerance for risk. We recognize that uniqueness and build that into everything we do.

-Kathryn Dion, President






Custom Portfolios  |  Proper Diversification  |  Fiduciary Care


Our investment process has two distinct stages. First, we delineate your goals and values. Then we construct your portfolio with those parameters in mind based on what you would like to accomplish.



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Comprehensive Goals-Based Planning  |  CFP® Professionals |  Leading Technology


Financial planning will create a bridge between how you visualize your ideal future and what you're doing today to accomplish those goals. It's nice to have confidence that you're on the right path and making the most of your resources. Removing uncertainty and increasing organization are added benefits.

-P. Benjamin Flood, CFP®


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We think that it's important to consider how companies are managing their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks. We also know that many of our clients enjoy investing for both financial gain along with creative positive change. Our Positive Impact portfolios are designed to implement ESG analysis within a properly diversified portfolio.

-Michael Moore, CFA


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